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Do you want better pay? More respect? A safer workplace?You need to join a union.We believe that people work better together, which is why at Unionize we have made it easier than ever for you to join a trade union that represents you and your employment rights.

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What does a Trade Union do?

Trade unions encourage people to stand together on issues that matter. Unions work tirelessly to pursue a more inclusive working environment for everybody. Representing every member in their right to fairness and equality.

What general services do trade unions offer?

Advice when members have issues at work. Representation when in discussions with your employer. Ensure members’ legal rights are enforced at work, in employment tribunals and even in the courts. Provide services such as welfare benefits, personal legal help, financial services, discounts on insurance and holidays and many more. Each union has their own additional services to offer.

What are my employment rights if I want get a Trade Union membership?

You have a right to join or not join a union, to decide whether you remain a member or leave a union, belong to a union of your choosing even if it’s not the one your employer negotiates with on pay terms and conditions. You can even belong to more than one union.

What does unionize do?

Unionize helps you with the right choice of workplace union, showing you showing you the most important details allowing you to make an decision.