GMB the union's Trustpilot score

Who are GMB?

GMB is a well-known trade union in the UK, that represents all workers.

With over 620,000 members, GMB works with employees across public and private sectors.

GMB work with people in full-time/part-time employment or even if you are working while studying, GMB is here to help their members. With thousands of trained union staff and activists also known as ‘reps’, GMB understands what rights you have and what your employers are allowed to do.

Why join GMB?

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  • GMB legal services recover millions of pounds each year for members and their families – without members paying a penny more than their monthly contributions.
  • GMB, working with other unions, has won 56 new commitments out of the previous Labour Government, including the right to four weeks paid holiday each year, excluding bank holidays, greater pension protection, the extension of protection pay and conditions in public services, and a procurement policy that will safeguard jobs and skills in manufacturing.
  • As part of GMB you are part of a strong, campaigning union committed to winning for our members. Together we have the strength to make our lives better – together we cannot be left isolated.

What information do I need to join?

  • Personal and employment details (if applicable)
  • An email account
  • Bank details