Who are we?

At Unionize we believe that people work better together, which is why we have made it easier than ever for you to join a trade union that will stand up and fight for your rights to a better working life.

From construction and computing to education and entertainment, we promise to guide you through not only how to join a union, but how unions work, the benefits of joining a union and which trade union you should join – all free of charge, at the click of a button.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of trade unions relevant to you, helping you to make your decision based on costs, benefits and real-time reviews left by people who have experienced first-hand the advantages that come with joining a union.

All we need to know is the industry that you work in. After that, you’ll be free to browse the endless benefits that you could be missing out on along with vital union facts such as the number of registered members, male-to-female gender ratio and membership costs.

Anyone can join a union – and with Unionize, you’re just minutes away.