Why join a union?

Higher pay. Safer workplaces. Greater respect. These are just three of the benefits that come with joining a union – and they don’t stop there.

By standing together to make their voices heard, workers who join a trade union receive a better rate of pay than those who don’t. As well as that extra financial security, joining a union can also open doors to things like greater protection when you’re too sick to work, more paid holidays and control over your working hours.

But how do unions work? Together, that’s how! When a group of like-minded individuals come together, employers have little choice but to listen.

By pure definition, trade unions encourage people to stand together on issues that matter. Unions work tirelessly to pursue a more inclusive working environment for everybody. Whether it means fighting issues faced by women following maternity leave or the under-representation of the LGBT+ community, a union will fight every corner.

Your workers’ union membership will allow you access to union legal services, which you can call upon if you feel that you’re being treated unfairly. Union members win millions of pounds in compensation every single year without paying a penny towards legal costs.

We believe that safety at work should be a necessity, not a benefit. Trained trade union representatives help to identify unsafe working conditions and ensure the safety of all employees on a daily basis.

You can always strive to be a better version of yourself, which is why your union can offer you complete support to push for that qualification, promotion or new job. Not only that, your trade union will push for workers to have a louder voice at work, entitling you and your colleagues to a valued opinion in the workplace.

Wondering how to join a union? The best union to join? Or perhaps which trade union you should join? Unionize can help you access the services of workers’ unions across the UK in just a few clicks.

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